Restore Relationships Counseling
720-445-5948   james@restorerelationships.com

    If you need help with your relationship or need individual counseling, and you need it soon, you've come to the right place.

With over 7 years in practice, I have worked with many people in many different situations, and am flexible and work hard to meet people where they are.

Types of Therapy I provide:

  •    Individual Therapy
  •    Couples Therapy (married or otherwise)
  •    Family Therapy
  •    Pre-Marital therapy
  •    Christian/Pastoral Counseling    
   Issues I specialize in:
  •  Marital or relationship issues including conflict resolution, 
  •  Communication problems, infidelity, financial difficulties,              
  •  Partner intimacy issues, or just general relationships issues
  •   Parenting/Step-Parenting Issues
  •   Anger Issues, Trust Issues, and Forgiveness
  •   Anxiety and Depression Issues
  •   Growth and development (individual or relational)
  •   Personal Responsibility and Dependability
  •   Work-related Issues
  •   Issues concerning or related to faith/spirituality

Time does NOT heal all wounds, but there is Hope!

Purposeful action leads to discovery, and real, lasting change. If you or someone you love is in a relationship that is damaged, suffering, completely cut off, or just in need of some general maintenance, please consider getting some help. Seek help soon! Contrary to popular belief, time does NOT heal all wounds. Relationship problems generally do not fix themselves; they most often simply repeat themselves.

When our relationships with our spouses, our children, our coworkers, or even ourselves are not working the way we want, we feel that impact ripple through our lives in significant and profound ways. Let me help you find a way to live your life, with those you care about most in a way that helps you be more who you really want to be.  If your marriage or relationship is in trouble or just in need of general maintenance, or if you just need some help or direction, call or email me and set up an appointment. Time is of the essence!

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